Master Entries :

Hotel Master, Hotel Plan Master, Currency Master, ID Type, Guest, Room Type, Room Master, Extra Bed, Extra Person, Banquet Hall Master, Garden Master, Food Category, Table Master, Food Master, Liquor Category, Liquor Quantity, Liquor Master, Liquor Pricing, Laundry Master, Expense Type, Expense Master, Tax Master

Point of Sale (POS) :

Restaurant Billing

Accounting :

Check IN, Check-out, Room Reservations, Banquet Hall Reservations, Wedding Garden Reservations, Guest Account Ledger, Laundry Billing, Stock Entry, Purchase Inventory, Transactions, Vouchers, Bank Master, Branch Master, Bank Account Registration, Employee Account Registration, Purchase Daybook, General Daybook, Guest Ledger, Supplier Ledger, General Ledger, Trial Balance

Payroll and Human Resource :

Attendance, Payroll Advance, Payroll

SMS and Internal Chat :

Chat Client, SMS Setting

Utilities :

Users Registration, User Contacts, Change Password, Logs, SQL Server Setting, Email Setting, Database backup and restore

Employees Records :

Employee Attendance, Employee Payment, Payroll Advance, Current Advance, Guest Account Ledger, Guest Current Balance, Deduction, Check IN and Check OUT, Room Reservations, Guest, Room Orders, Purchased Inventory, Other Transactions, Liquor Stock, Hall and Garden Reservations, Restaurant Billing, Most Ordered Food, Laundry Billing

Reports :

Food Menu Items, Liquor Menu Items, Liquor Stock IN, Liquor Stock OUT, Guest Profile and account ledger, Current Advance, Guest Account Ledger, Purchased Inventory, Check IN, Check OUT, Debtor List, Restaurant Billing, Room Orders, Garden Reservations, Hall reservations, Room Reservations, Salary Slips, Payroll Advance, Current Payroll Advance, Deduction, Employee Payment, Room Bill, Hall Reservation Invoice, Garden Reservation Invoice, Restaurant Bill, Food Order Bill, Salary Slip, Laundry Billing, Restaurant Billing