Data Science & Analytics

Data science uses techniques and theories from a variety of disciplines such as information science, statistical learning, machine learning, probabilistic models, artificial intelligence, visualization, pattern recognition, math, statistics, operations research, predictive analytics, signal processing, computer science, etc.


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is used to provide analysis functions to all users The SAC product offers analysis, planning, forecasting, and reporting capabilities all in one place.


Immense Software Solutions helps companies integrate predictive analytics into SAC to increase business understanding and how companies can gain meaningful insights to make future planning-related decisions. Use of predictive analytics and how SAC can simplify their lives.


Immense Software Solutions is a firm believer in business-first policy and IT is a pioneer in simplifying business life. Immense Software solutions help business users SAP has integrated the automated forecasting function into the SAC main forecasting techniques are required especially in all businesses. Therefore, SAP has provided the functionalities that can meet the most common requirements of companies.

The predictive techniques are


  • Classification

  • Regression

  • Time Series